Child Car Safety – Keep Your Child Safe

For parents everywhere, the most important cargo that is carried in a vehicle is the children. There are ways that we can minimize the risks associated with transporting these fragile passengers. Some of the information in this article might be child car safety tips that you already know. Hopefully, there will be at least one tidbit that you will be able to take away from this article and apply it.

Child Safety Seat

This is an extremely important purchase for any young couples interested in responsible parenting. This is not one of those products where the price should be an issue. The basis of the decision to buy a car seat should be based 100% on the quality of the product. Ask the store manager if you could install one into your vehicle before you decide to purchase it in order to see if it fits well.

Strollers and Children

When traveling on a metro transit vehicle like a subway, for example, the parent or guardian of the child is allowed to leave the child in the stroller if there is adequate space and it does not block any of the exits. If the child is left in the stroller, be sure to apply the brake so the stroller will not slide during travel. If there is not enough space, you will be required to fold the stroller and store it in an area that is not blocking the exit. Please, remember to remove your child from the stroller before folding it up!

If you are commuting in your personal vehicle, it is necessary to fold the stroller and store it somewhere safe in the vehicle. Place the child in a car safety seat. Make sure that you do not place the child in the front seat of the car because a passenger-side airbag can harm a young person more than it can protect a child.

If your child or children become unruly during your trip, wait until you are stopped until you deal with the problem. Driving safely should be your main focus. As long as your children are buckled in safely, most ’emergencies’ can be dealt with once the vehicle is stopped.

Reasons why children should not be left alone in a car;

Carbon Monoxide poisoning if the car is left running.  Heatstroke.  The danger of a child playing with the gearshift or other controls.  Car thieves

The next time your child boards a bus to go to school be at ease. It is a widespread belief that children are unsafe while riding a bus because there are no seat belts. What people do not realize is that buses are equipped with safety features designed to protect young people in the event of a front or rear collision. The seats on the bus are padded, high, and slightly tilted. They are meant to absorb the impact of a collision by a means called compartmentalization. Most bus drivers have to go through an extensive licensing process which causes them to drive safely.

So, the main areas of concern are child car safety and the safety of public transportation. As long as you take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your child than you are doing all that you can.